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10pcs Goat Milk Neck Mask Necks skincare 

Ingredients: Water, propylene glycol, glycerin, betaine, phenoxyethanol, arginine, carbomer
Shelf life: 3 years
Manufacturer: Guangzhou Yihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Production Date: Recent
Net content: 25ml
Size: Arrival measurement
Features: moisturizing, hydrating
Suitable for: All skin types
Quantity: 10pcs

The package includes:
10pcs* neck mask

Contains a variety of emollient ingredients such as goat's milk and yeast to fully moisturize the neck skin, supplemented by a variety of plant extracts to improve the dryness of the neck skin, so that the neck skin is smooth and smooth, showing natural charm.

How to use After cleaning the neck skin, remove the neck mask, unfold and attach the neck to the neck, and gently press the film cloth by hand to make it fit closely to the neck skin. Wait 15-20 minutes, remove the neck mask and gently massage the neck upwards with your hands to allow the neck skin to absorb fully.










10pcs Goat Milk Neck Mask Necks skincare Masks

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