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1. Avocado bubble cleaning mask has a powerful skin cleaning effect, which can remove blackheads, acne, exfoliate and improve coarse pores. Whitening skin.
2. Select compound avocado essence to clean blackheads. The foam is full and soft, which can go deep into pores to clean and absorb blackheads and dirt.
3. Avocado bubble mask can effectively brighten skin tone and improve skin yellowing, dullness and aging caused by staying up late.
4. Automatically generate rich foam, so that the skin can get comfortable and refreshing care, suitable for all skin types.
Every time you use a bag, it is quick and simple. Mud film is moist and delicate, and easy to apply. Don't worry that staying up late will damage your skin.

How to use:
After cleaning the skin, apply the mask evenly to the skin, wait for 15-20 minutes, and then clean after generating rich foam.

1. Manual measurement tolerance is 2-5g. Please don't mind your replacement.
2. Due to the differences between different monitors, the image may not reflect the actual color of the project. Thank you very much
3.SKU color is the color of product packaging.

Avocado Essence Bubble Mask

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