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Benefit: Long-lasting


Benefit: Easy to Wear

Benefit: Natural Factors



Ingredient: Multifunctional makeup stick


Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 15g

Size: Full Size

Feature 1: Blush lipstick makeup

Feature 2: Make-up for women

Type 1: Liquid Blush

Type 2: Liquid Contour

Type 3: Liquid Highlight

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Product Description:


Package: 1 X Liquid Blush Stick/Contour/Highlight


NET: About 15g/pcs


Type: Shimmer, Pearl, Blendable, Creamy




1. Shimmer pearl liquid blush rouge for face with a soft applicator.


2. Lightweight, moisturizing and high pigmented shades of pink and orange, sheer and playful pop of color, rich pearl shine brings a natural glow to the skin


3. The creamy texture flows smoothly on the face, adheres tightly to the skin, is easy to apply and smudges.


4. It made with natural mild ingredients and nourish formulas, cruelty-free makeup that has not been tested on animals, suitable for all skin types.


How To Use:


We come with an instruction manual for this blush stick.


1. Rotate according to the opening and closing direction of the nozzle.


2. Squeeze out an appropriate amount of paste and spread evenly on the face.


3. Seal it well after use: Rotate the bottle to close the lid and store in a cool place.




1. Be careful not to press too hard, because once the paste is squeezed out, it must be used up.


2. Please use in small quantities. Be sure to close the lid after use.


3. Keep away from children and fire.


4. Store in a cool place to avoid direct sun.


5. This product is for external use only.


6. In case of contact eyes, rinse immediately with water.


7. If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately.


8. Due to monitor,illumination, environment and other factors, it will cause some color difference between the picture and the actual object.


Blush Stick Cream Blusher

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