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Formulation: Cream

Shelf Life: 3 years

Distributor/Importer: Julystar

Type: Makeup Primer

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Manufacturer: Julystar


Sunblock: No





Category: Long-lasting liquid foundation

Applicable skin type: all skin types

Net content: 30ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Production date: latest

Ingredients: liquid paraffin, lanolin and its derivatives, vegetable oil, silicone oil, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, plant extracts, multivitamin ACE, flavonoids, polyphenols, etc.

Efficacy: moisturizing, oil control, concealer, retouching, even skin tone

quantity: 1pcs


The package includes:

1X liquid foundation




Liquid foundation is light and thin, easy to apply, and less greasy. It is a very popular foundation cosmetics today. It is suitable for most skins, especially oily skin and quick makeup modification in summer. It is mainly used to refine pores, even skin tone, and brighten skin tone. It forms a smooth covering layer on the surface. It can also be used to cover or conceal some facial blemishes, such as freckles, scars, etc., to adjust skin texture, color and gloss, Make the skin look shiny and textured. The liquid foundation is light and easy to apply, comes in a variety of shades, and is suitable for most skin types.


Face Foundation Full Coverage Concealer Contour Makeup

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